What is the LiPS program?

The LiPS program is designed to increase the child’s phonemic awareness skills throughsensory-cognitive functions. The program focuses on identification and sequencing of soundsin words. What makes this program special, is that children learn the kinesthetic feedbackto learn to read and spell and develops the sensory-cognitive processes that are involved inreading and spelling. The kinesthetic feedback is when the child feels their sounds throughthe actions of their articulators (lips, tongue, vocal chords) and labels them. These skillshelp children increase their awareness of the sounds that make up words. The LiPS programbenefits individuals from preschool age to adults with a variety of conditions including:dyslexia, speech-language delay, hearing loss, cleft palate, apraxia, autism, pervasivedevelopmental delay, and trauma.

Piller Child Development uses programs like LiPS and others in our speech therapy treatment

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