Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services do you offer at Piller Child Development?
    We offer pediatric occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapyservices. We also offer supplemental handwriting and social skills classes.
  • What ages of children do you see?
    We see children of all ages from birth through twenty-one.
  • Are you a DDD provider?
    Effective July 1, 2014 We are a DDD provider for our Mesa Facility Only. Wealso accept most major insurance and several AHCCCS plans.
  • Do you offer evaluations in Spanish?
    No. Even though some of our therapist are bi-lingual in Spanish, your evalautionwill be done in English.
  • Are you contracted with my insurance?
    We are contracted with most major insurance providers. Click hereto view Insurance Providers
  • What if you are not contracted with my insurance?
    Most non-HMO insurance plans offer out of network benefits that include coverage fortherapy services. We also offer affordable private pay rates.
  • How often should my child come to therapy?
    Most children come to Piller Child Development one appointment per week, howeversome children will be recommended to come more than one time per week
  • I have limited visits on my insurance plan. Can you see my child every otherweek?
    Piller Child Development does not recommend every other week appointments sowe do not schedule them for the following reasons:
    1. Our programs are tailored to your child, and consistancy is essential to yourchilds progress
    2. Our programs are designed to make progress, not just maintain your child. If youchild is only coming every other week, your child will not make progress andpossibly regress.
    3. Life sometimes gets in the way of therapy, and if your child misses anappointment, then it will be three to four weeks since your child will receivetherapy again.
    4. Your insurance company often reviews our notes and will only continue to supportyour child's therapy if we are making progress towards the goals established byPiller Child Development. Coming every other week will not allow us to make theprogress required to keep seeing your child
  • Will my child see the same therapist every time?
    Most of the time your child will see the same therapist. However, there are timeswhen you child will see a different therapist. It is important for children to builda rapport with a therapist, but it is also important for a child to see differenttherapists. This allows for a new set of eyes to see your child. Each therapistbrings a unique approach, ideas, and philosophy to treatment. Seeing differenttherapists allows you child to be challenged to grow from a variety of differentangles. In addition, when a therapist is absent for vacation or sick leave, it isimportant for your child to continue to receive therapy.
  • What is the difference between the treatment Piller Child Development providesand other clinics that claim to be doing sensory integration?
    At Piller Child Development, we do what is called Ayres Sensory Integration. Thisform of sensory integration is named for the original inventor of sensoryintegration treatment, Jean Ayres. In Ayres Sensory Integration, a highly trainedtherapist is constantly monitoring the child’s reactions and responses to challengeand integrate the sensory systems with new activities. The most essential part ofsensory integration therapy is that the child plays an active role in the sensoryinput. When there is active participation by the child, real changes in the brainare made. Passive sensory stimulation is not proven to have long lasting effects inthe brain.
  • Does my child need a SIPT test to come to your facility?
    No. The Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT) is considered the gold standardfor evaluating sensory integration and praxis needs of children ages 4-9. However,it is an optional test.