Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills involve the small muscles of the hands.We use fine motor skills every day to manipulate small objects such as buttons, shoe laces, and unscrewing lids.Fine motor skills are dependent upon strength in the core and shoulders as well as in the arms and hands.Children with fine motor skills may have difficulties with fasteners, handwriting or coloring, cutting, playing games with spinners, dice, or cards.

Reaching- extending the arm and hands towards and object; this requires control of the arm to have a precise reach towards the intended object
Grasping- how items are picked up; with mature grasping, items are approached from the top rather than the side
Carrying- this requires a sustained grasp on an object
Release- a child must have precision to release an object into a container
Manipulation- manipulation skills is how objects are manipulated through the hands

  • Finger to Palm Translation- getting a coin out of a change pouch
  • Fingers to Palm Translation with Stabilization- getting more than one coin out of a change pouch
  • Palm to Finger Translation- bringing a penny from palm to fingers
  • Palm to Finger Translation with Stabilization- holding coins in one hand while putting into soda machine
  • Shift- separating playing cards
  • Rotation- unscrewing a lid from a jar